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Software North LLC is an Alaskan owned and operated company that has beenDon Anderson, Owner providing computer services and systems in Alaska since 1978. We specialize in the design, construction, and support of computer software. We also have the most experienced team of automation professionals in Alaska.

Clients include major corporations, small businesses, government, utilities and other computer firms who use small computer systems, mainframe computers, communications networks, microprocessors and industrial controls.

Software North's professional staff has experience in nearly every computer discipline including, industrial control programming, technical/engineering programming, commercial /financial programming, network configuration, communications programming, web site construction, and electronics engineering feasibility.

Software North LLC is located in Anchorage, Alaska and uses primarily resident staff to assure the ready availability of post-project assistance.

We have extensive experience in providing application support at ConocoPhillips Alaska, Inc., Alyeska Pipeline Service Co., BP Amoco Exploration Alaska, Inc., Chugach Electric Association, Municipality of Anchorage, and the State of Alaska. A major part of Software North's business has been supplying contract programming, design services, and support on an hourly basis.

What We Do

The major portion of Software North�s activity is in direct support of our Alaskan contract customers. About 80% of our staff work directly with these customers to design, construct, and support their custom systems. Our professional staff averages over 21 years experience in the computer software industry, plus in many cases prior engineering or accounting experience.

Operatingsystems that Software North's professionals use include:

Linux Unix
MVS, OS2, VM (IBM) Windows 2000/XP (Microsoft)

Plus a large number of other operating systems.

Computer languages/Data Base Products/ Development aids used include:

Active X Controls Delphi MS SQL Server RBASE
Assembler HTML MySQL SAP
AutoCAD IMS DL/1, DB/DC Omnis Setcim
C/C++/C# Java Pascal SQL & SQL+
CICS JavaScript PERL/CGI Sybase
Clist Lotus Notes PHP/Python Visual Basic/ VB
COBOL MS Access PL/1 Script/VBA
DB2 MS Office Suite PowerBuilder Xpeditor
dBase MS Project QED XML/XSLT
Current Projects:

• An inventory system, analyst/tracking and service request reporting,

• Law enforcement applications,

• An ordering, purchasing and materials receiving system,

• An oil field supervisory control system,

• Well test, production allocation and process control programs,

• Automation system graphics,

• Inter-system and application data transfer programs,

• Performance tuning of a real-time control system,

• A legacy real-time automation system,

• Technical programming for oil company operations,

• Financial system programming for a major oil company,

• A CAD indexing, storage, and checkout system,

• A cost reporting system,

• Drilling information extracts,

• Package software for the credit information industry,

• A training package for commodity traders,

• Municipal government mainframe production systems.

Completed Projects:

• Designed the telemetry system for a large water pipeline,

• Prepared the conceptual design for a communications system for a gas pipeline company,

• Built the terminal software for a state information system network,

• Prepared specifications for a wastewater treatment facility SCADA, and provided technical advice during project management,

• Built multi-phase hydraulic simulation programs for a major oil company,

• Constructed graphics programs for an aerial mapping firm,

• Designed engineering graphics programs for use in oil production facilities design,

• Prepared inter-computer file transfer programs,

• Constructed wastewater treatment Plant SCADA and laboratory system,

• Built graphic subsystems for oil field water flood & well analysis,

• Designed controls for expansion of an existing oil field, and

• Performed migration of production SCADA systems from PDP-11 and MODCOMP to VAX systems.


Software North's in-house staff is equipped to provide remote support to PC and Macintosh computer users. We use an in-house LAN to link our network of Macintosh and PC equipment, which in turn has a high-speed connection to the Internet. We have developed the only credit inquiry package for the Macintosh, MacFerret�, which we are marketing nationally. Our IBM-PC package Ferret� has been assisting credit grantors since 1986. We are also nearing the beta test stage for our worldwide package of commodity trader training tools, Accelerated Commodities Trainer (ACT).

Software North LLC is a member of the National Association of Computer Consulting Businesses (NACCB) with affiliates in 170 cities across nearly all states, and Canada. Local professional support can be arranged in most areas of the country.

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