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Professional Opportunities

Software North's principal business is to provide skilled computer professionals to design, build and maintain our client's software. We utilize contractors to fulfill our customer's requirements. We also have a small staff providing company administration and supporting our packaged software.

Opportunities reflect the Alaska market

The opportunities for computer professionals in the Alaska market are good, but not allocated across the sub-specialties in the same proportion as in the South 48. The oil industry is strongly represented, but the development of packaged computer software is almost non-existent. The total population of Alaska is less than 650K and Anchorage less than 260K. Many companies maintain their corporate headquarters in cities such as New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland or Seattle instead of Alaska. Therefore major corporate-wide projects are rare. However, projects to increase production efficiency and automation are relatively frequent.

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Compensation in Alaska
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Alaskan wages in the past were well above the national average to compensate for a higher cost of living and to attract talent during a period of expansion. This drew a highly competent core of experienced programmers to Alaska and made the market quite competitive. It also made computer automation economically more attractive than in many areas of the United States. This created reasonable demand for computer programming and support services even though Alaska does not offer the full range of software development opportunities.

As Alaskan living costs have declined in relation to the national average, so has the relative position of Alaska wages. Alaskan wages are now regularly surpassed in New York, Washington D.C, the bay area and Seattle. However the tax environment in Alaska still produces a favorable economic climate. With Software North's low overhead those able to qualify for positions normally do quite well.

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What Software North LLC expects

• Self-starting individuals, who can anticipate tasks and require no prompting to initiate, carry out, and finish any piece of work;

• Open, honest, and direct communication with the customer. We expect early, thoughtful descriptions of project progress to be delivered to the client;

• Accurate appraisal of your own abilities and adequate warning if the demands of the job are outside your comfort range;

• The ability to see the long-range benefit of "working yourself out of a job" so that customer costs are kept to a minimum;

• A constant commitment to upgrading your skills, without impacting the customer's costs;

• A skilled, knowledgeable performance consistent with the full scope of your résumé

• A positive, cheerful, and helpful attitude that makes you pleasant to work with.

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Applying to Software North LLC

Software North LLC almost always hires from its r'sum' files. To be considered send your résumé to Dr. Anderson (see Contacts) via e-mail. To enhance compatibility across all platforms we suggest you send your r'sum' in RTF (rich text format) from your word processor. If you do not have access to e-mail you may use the fax or traditional mail service.

After sending your r'sum', contact Dr. Anderson by phone to obtain a current update and discuss compensation ranges.

If a potential opening occurs, Software North LLC will contact you by phone to check if you are available, interested in the specific position, can provide references, and that your qualifications meet specific requirements.

If you are building or revising your r'sum' for contract work visit our guidelines page for suggestions. Software North LLC will send your resume "as is" to the prospective client. Please check that your r'sum' is sufficiently detailed to represent your abilities, accomplishments and experience (a one page r'sum' is generally unacceptable for this purpose).

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